2018 will see the centenary of the end of the Great War. The New Year is upon us and 100 free muslim dating sites uk will be no shortage of stories and events to keep Britain on its toes in 2018, with everything from Brexit negotiations, Donald Trump and a politically charged World Cup in Russia dominating the national discourse.

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Concerns have already been raised that sensitivities around the Brexit negotiations could mean the centenary of the Great War is not given due recognition. But Britain is being encouraged to give it due recognition, with the Government announcing a series of commemorations to lead up to the centenary of the Armistice that brought the bloody conflict to an end. On this day 100 years ago, soldiers in the trenches welcomed in the New Year, unsure of what it would bring. Today we enter the final year of our commemorations, remembering the bravery of those who fought, lived and died in the First World War. We will continue to honour all those who served, died and were affected by the war both at home and overseas. On the centenary of the Armistice we will give thanks for peace and for those that returned, and remember the sacrifice of the 800,000 soldiers who died. This is the best tribute we can make.

Ceremony to remember hero commander On 28 March there will be a ceremony at the equestrian statue of General Ferdinand Foch at Lower Grosvenor Gardens in Victoria, London. It will mark his appointment as Supreme Allied Commander on the Western Front. British back to their 1914 lines in March 1918. Series of events on centenary of Armistice On 11 November there will be a series of events to mark the centenary of the Armistice, including a commemorative service at St Symphorien Cemetery near Mons, Belgium, where the war began in 1914 and where the first and last casualties of the battle lie. The National Service of Remembrance at London’s Cenotaph will follow traditional lines, as it remembers the fallen of all conflicts, but the march-past which follows will be expanded. The day will end with a service at Westminster Abbey, London, along with others in Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast, to give thanks for peace and those who returned.