So here’s an always-updated look at the best restaurants in New York right now: First, we’ve singled out the latest and greatest restaurants that just opened in August, if you’re keen on trying something brand new. Or scroll down to see the best New York has to offer, from classic old standbys to the year’s best places to travel to hook up spots. Recreational weed isn’t legal in New York, but now it won’t get you thrown in jail under certain circumstances.

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best places to travel to hook up

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Play it safe anyway at Adriaen Block, where you can imbibe CBD — the cannabis extract that aids relaxation for some — without irritating your lungs, or the NYPD. Fast-casual little brother to buzzy Williamsburg restaurant Llama Inn, Llamita mimics a classic Peruvian lunch counter, doling out sandwiches, smoothies, and Peruvian specialties like the beef heart skewer. Rushed mid-day crowds savor duck sausage with corn and chimichurri, stuffed between thick cuts of toasted bread, papaya-beet smoothies, and whole, half, or quarter portions of the succulent rotisserie chicken that put Llama Inn on the culinary map. Perhaps that’s why this upscale addition to the West Village dining scene trades in the subterranean fungus. If there’s one thing Williamsburg needs, it’s another all-day cafe. Evening guests slide into pea-green upholstered banquettes or post up at the dining room’s glossy marble bar to nibble blistered shishito peppers and scallop corn fritters with their cocktails. Celebrity chef Dan Churchill’s Charley St is a sunny addition to the ubiquitous Australian cafes monopolizing the city’s brunch scene.

Its airy Nolita space has Aussie vibes by way of LA, dishing up colorful toasts and eclectic bowls in white-washed digs. Your Instagram followers will delight in your documentation of the coconut-beet toast smeared with apple slaw and whipped goat cheese — but even if you haven’t achieved influencer status, the daytime bites are plenty delicious off camera. Elsie de Wolfe, this spacious 25th-floor venue drips with Old New York class, boasting arched golden shelves, velvety armchairs, and a team of glowing cocktail waitresses clad in short, sparkling dresses. This high-end yakitori lounge manned by the team behind Michelin-starred Sushi Amane serves upscale takes on the chicken skewer — a traditional Japanese bar snack.