Please forward this error screen to 188. Please forward this error screen to dwmuk. Hidden Valley is a serene haven of relaxation. Set in a beautiful valley with sites overlooking the tranquil waters of the Avonmore River and a glassy, private lake, we offer the opportunity to experience caravan hook up plug holiday amid an abundance of wildlife including kingfishers, cranes, wild geese, ducks, otters and pheasant.

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We are easily accessible from Dublin, Dun Laoghaire and Rosslare ferry ports. Advance booking is essential for weekends, high season and bank holidays. Full contact details with deposit are required at time of booking: full payment required for stays up to 2 nights and 2 nights or full payment required for longer stays. August and on bank holiday weekends the park is very busy with families with young children.

We are a family, friendly site and we do not tolerate late night disturbances. Don’t book our park if you think you’re going to stay up late. Check-in available from 12 noon and checkout is by 12 noon on day of departure. Should you need to cancel or change your dates for any reason, we will give a full refund, or change your dates, with a minimum of 7 days notice. We regret to inform you that campfires are no longer allowed at Hidden Valley. This past season we noticed far too often the number of people being negligent in regards to fire safety. The park offers both hard-standing and grass sites, each with electric, water and grey waste.