Monks Mound at Cahokia Mounds near Collinsville, Illinois. Archaeologists date the placement of at carbon dating crystal skulls one of the posts to approximately 950 CE. Mound 72 is a ridgetop mound, one of only six recorded at the Cahokia site.

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carbon dating crystal skulls

The beginnings of the mounds were the interment of several elite personages oriented to the summer solstice sunrise post. The post had been replaced several times, including at least one episode after the beginning of mound construction. This mound was constructed precisely over the remains of a dismantled charnel house that was thought to have been erected at roughly the same time as the woodhenge post which it is next to. Interred in the mound were 2 recently deceased men and several bundled burials, probably the previous residents of the charnel house who had waited for the elite personages to die in order to be interred with them. The next episode of construction involved three stages. A small platform was constructed near the southeastern ramp and four young males with their arms interlocked and missing their hands and skulls were laid out on the platform. Some researchers have concluded that the four men may represent the four cardinal directions.

In a pit excavated next to these four men were placed the bodies of a large group of young women. 30 years of age, arranged in two layers separated by matting. This entire construction was then covered and extended even further toward Mound 72sub1 and now dubbed by archaeologists as Mound 72sub3. Next to this mound to the southwest another mass burial was made.

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