My best friend has been single for the past six months, after being in a relationship for five years. I’ve also noticed that she’s happiest when she’s dating a couple of people at once. This has changed now that she has started seeing someone she really likes, but until recently, I encouraged her to keep seeing this other, duddier guy throughout, casually dating one person so she wouldn’t concentrate all of her anxieties on one dude. I advised her not to put all of her dating eggs in one basket, if you will.

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I know how borderline insane that sounds, but I did that too when I was single: About six months after a long relationship ended, I dated two men, a professor and a crazy person, basically on two opposing sides of the spectrum, for about a month simultaneously. I knew I wasn’t serious about both, didn’t get hung up on either, and walked away bruise-free. Of course, once I met someone stellar, I stopped with the two-timing and focused my energy on one wonderful man. Until you have The Exclusivity Talk, you’re free to gad about, dating whomever in whatever quantity you desire. This is the unwritten rule of dating in the modern age.

In light of all this, I asked psychologist Irene Levine, clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University Langone School of Medicine, to demystify the allure of dating multiple people simultaneously, once and for all. You have a built-in backup plan. Women are planners, and those who think ahead enjoy backup plans. Just like we prefer to have an extra umbrella in the bottom of the closet and more than one pair of jeans, so too are we more able to relax when we have more than one dating partner. You’re less likely to get hurt in a breakup. Of course, this is impossible if feelings get tied up, heartstrings are plucked and all of that, but if you’re just casually dating, this is one serious benefit.