This section is an chinese dating in london of the history of tea in Europe and especially in the United Kingdom. But in fact the history of tea goes much further back.

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chinese dating in london

The story of tea begins in China. According to legend, in 2737 BC, the Chinese emperor Shen Nung was sitting beneath a tree while his servant boiled drinking water, when some leaves from the tree blew into the water. Shen Nung, a renowned herbalist, decided to try the infusion that his servant had accidentally created. It is impossible to know whether there is any truth in this story.

But tea drinking certainly became established in China many centuries before it had even been heard of in the west. In the latter half of the sixteenth century there are the first brief mentions of tea as a drink among Europeans. These are mostly from Portuguese who were living in the East as traders and missionaries. Since 1600, the British East India Company had a monopoly on importing goods from outside Europe, and it is likely that sailors on these ships brought tea home as gifts.

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