10,000 is awarded to the winning team that will be banked into the team’s bank account. At the end of team challenges, one player from each team is nominated by the opposing team for the Inferno, depending on gender. 150,000, coupled with the accumulated money earned from the team and individual challenges, while the losing players will be eliminated from the game. Unbraided: Players from each team are tangled together from multiple ropes hanging from a danny real world hook up 30 feet above the water.

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After grabbing a team flag, each player must untangle themselves and maneuver their way around their teammates before detaching from a harness that will drop them into the water. A team is disqualified if even one player is detached from their harness before untangling themselves. Ladder Race: Players from each team have to race a ladder up and down a two-story, 40-foot tower as fast as possible. First, each player will race 20 yards to the base of the tower, then use the ladder to climb to the second story, and raise their ladder to the stop of their designated towers in order to climb to the top. Battering Ram: Each team must “ram” an oversize log through a pair of 2-ton doors at the Castle of Good Hope that are locked with wooden planks on the other side. The logs have ropes attached to them, and players have to position themselves to where they can swing their log through the doors with the ropes, but without touching the logs. Wrap and Roll: A 50-foot platform is suspended 1,000 feet above the ground.

Rope Burn: A rope is attached from a fire pit to a platform suspended 15 feet above water. Below the platform are fire-building materials resting on a pair of docks, including oil, batteries, matches, logs and bales of hay. 40-foot climbing wall, retrieve their team flag, then climb back down the wall to ground level. One player will be positioned on both sides of the wall, and will have to communicate with their partner by inserting pegs through holes in the wall in order for their partner to climb to the top and retrieve a flag. Grape Smash: Players from each team have to fill up a series of team-designated glass bottles with grape juice on one side of a course, by transferring handfuls of grapes from the bed of a classic truck to a wine tub, then smashing the grapes, which will send juice through a spigot, where players have to transfer the juice with their mouths to the glass bottles. The team that transfers the most juice into their designated bottles within 30 minutes wins.