Please forward this error screen to web130. Jump to navigation Jump to search For the phrase referring to an American of Chinese ethnic descent, dating a chinese american girl American-born Chinese. American Born Chinese is a graphic novel by Gene Luen Yang.

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Released in 2006 by First Second Books, it was a finalist for the 2006 National Book Awards in the category of Young People’s Literature. The story of American Born Chinese consists of three separate tales. The first tale is based upon the legendary folk tale of Sun Wukong, or The Monkey King, a character from the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West. The second tale is the story of a second-generation child of immigrants named Jin Wang, who has moved from San Francisco’s Chinatown to a mostly white suburb. Jin Wang struggles to fit in within his new school, and within white American culture. His story links the other two narratives, and fits the form of an ethnic coming-of-age. Chin-Kee displays many American racial stereotypes of the Chinese in terms of accent, dress, hairstyle, physical appearance, eating habits, academic performance, and hobbies.

While the three tales are seemingly unrelated at first, it is later revealed in the book that Danny is actually Jin Wang, who “transformed” into a White boy after being prevented from pursuing the girl of his dreams for being Chinese. Eventually, Danny fights Chin-Kee, only to find out that Chin-Kee is really the Monkey King, who came to remind him of his true identity. Ultimately, Jin Wang gives up his “Danny” persona and embraces his Chinese identity. The Monkey King: A monkey who has lived for thousands of years and mastered all the heavenly disciplines. He yearns to join the ranks of gods, and after being rejected, goes on a rampage. He managed to defeat many gods and goddesses, but was buried under a mountain by Tze-Yo-Tzuh for five hundred years. He was later released by Wong Lai-Tsao and accompanies him on his journey.

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