Don’t let the revealing frocks fool you. Unlike Janet Jackson’s highly dating a investment banker wardrobe malfunction, Emily Maitlis’s unintentional breast flash last week was in no way an attempt to enliven her career. 730 black and white satin puffball Paule Ka frock at the Royal Television Society awards, she failed to win the gong for which she was nominated, butsecured yet more fans.

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Maitlis will have been mortified by the cheeky headlines in the week she was leaving BBC London in preparation for her biggest career break to date. From 31 March, she becomes a regular host of Newsnight, the corporation’s most earnest news programme, which rarely sees a glint of lipgloss. She will be casting aside her leopardskin-print trousers and throwing on a mantle of gravitas to join Jeremy Paxman, her “broadcasting hero”. Maitlis, 34, landed the job after presenting two editions of Newsnight in October. Serious and sober, she also showed a flash of humour that could lighten the show’s intensity. I would have given an arm and a leg to work at Newsnight, so I’m rather pleased I don’t have to,” she said on getting the job. A regular at Harrods, she says her key weapons on screen are “flirtation, seduction and betrayal”, but says these words refer to “linguistics rather than eyelashes”.

There’s no point meeting somebody with a meat cleaver the moment they open their mouth because they’re going to clam up. The audience is going to hate you for not allowing anyone to say anything. You want to listen to their case. If there are flaws, that’s where you bring in your stiletto. And Maitlis has plenty of stilettos to wield. Type her name into Google and you will be able to see examples of her footwear on a strangely creepy fan site, along with video grabs of her cleavage and long, slender legs.