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By clicking Sign Up, I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Henry Cavill Out as Superman Amid Warner Bros. Jump to navigation Jump to search “Fabric” redirects here. However, there are subtle differences in these terms in specialized usage. The word ‘textile’ is from Latin, from the adjective textilis, meaning ‘woven’, from textus, the past participle of the verb texere, ‘to weave’. The first clothes, worn at least 70,000 years ago and perhaps much earlier, were probably made of animal skins and helped protect early humans from the ice ages. Then at some point people learned to weave plant fibers into textiles.

The discovery of dyed flax fibres in a cave in the Republic of Georgia dated to 34,000 BCE suggests textile-like materials were made even in prehistoric times. The production of textiles is a craft whose speed and scale of production has been altered almost beyond recognition by industrialization and the introduction of modern manufacturing techniques. Textiles have an assortment of uses, the most common of which are for clothing and for containers such as bags and baskets. Textiles for industrial purposes, and chosen for characteristics other than their appearance, are commonly referred to as technical textiles.

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