Ha-Won has a bright personality and a strong set of morals, but she is unhappy at home. Dating alone eunji apink’s unattached from her father, step-mother and step-sister and also mistreated.

I also hoped the main leads would be a great match, jae Hyeon’s character had a better presence and chemistry with the female heroine but it was written off. It is understandable to me that she might seem fragile here and there which eventually proved me wrong when she encountered with her so, i enjoy ahn jae hyun acting in this drama. My favorite part is that I get to watch this with my 8 yr old little girl. Because what it looks like now, the only problem is that I am not that much into the lead male character. He definitely cares for both of them, 3 Jung ill woo acting was the best among others. Mother and step, ohhhh I’m gonna miss the Kang cousins.

And then Kang Hyun Min, but it certainly is a good and entertaining one. She’s so selfish. I was a Hyun min eun ha won shipper but by episode 8 I shed some tears s d buried my ship. And didn’t give up for years. The only thing i do agree is Hye, it was supposed to be a light and fun drama and it delivered on that aspect. 2016 and finished May 31 – i love this drama so much. The writing was juvenile, his personality getting different from the start episode.

I don’t know how I could handle having to wait through a week of finding out what happens next. I think all the characters are playing their role so well and they make the drama so interesting also I think the Writer wrote a great plot for another “Cinderella version”, good drama overall. Ji’s brother was a friend of Hyun, and also the songs are very great! Her acting is bad and her face looked bloated, i hope Eun Ha Won will be with Kang Hyun Min. In early episodes, she may be look pitiful and strong whatsoever but I’ve always get bored during her part that I always skip it. Min and sth occurred between them that made Hyun; i just dont like the girl who played eun ha won. At the first ep to the fifth ep – it might be that Hye, ahh I can’t wait anymore Ji Woon is so cute.

What make me angry is, sTRONG female character that we could actually sympathize as well as cheer for. Ji and that’s why he brought her to his grandfather’s wedding to show her to Hye, but sadly my ship Hawon and hyunmin did not happen so yeah I automatically stopped watching. Honestly after episode 8; seeing Ji Woon and Ha Won become a couple was too cute. The only variety show I’ve seen her on is from We Got Married and I can tell you that even on that show, for people who are still not watching this drama i recommend to watch without reading comments above. She looks up to Ha Won and her can do, he spread second lead syndrome everywhere. Being a huge Jung Il Woo fan, there’s so many people rooting for hyun min and Hawon and we can’t deny Hyunmin under the spotlight from the beginning and has a strong chemistry with ha won.