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In Chaweng you will find all you need along the 3KM long beach road. A hotel that is considered guest or bargirl friendly simply means that the joint won’t charge extra for taking back an unregistered guest back up to your room at night. A joiner fee can cost anywhere around 500 to 1000 THB a night but could be even higher depending on the hotel. We all hate joiner fees so I’ve been doing my best to put together a list of guest-friendly hotels in Thailand and other countries of Southeast Asia based on my personal experience traveling in the region over the last decade. I also add my own pictures of the actual room and amenities with a short review on the place as things are not always as they appear on the booking websites. I hope this guide will bring you some hassle free planning on your future vacations in Asia.

I haven’t had the chance yet to visit, I personally made sure of their policy by either showing up at the reception, emailing or calling them directly and have included their answers in the description. Please bear in mind that things change overtime and a guest-friendly Hotel can quickly turn into a non guest-friendly due to change of management so it could occur that some of these hotels may no longer be guest-friendly. To avoid this, inquires about their guest-friendly status will be sent every year with the hotel mailing list I have created to keep tabs on possible changes. The location of Al’s Resort is really spot on! Guest Friendly policy reply by the Al’s Resort: “Dear Sir, greeting from Al’s Resort, no charge joiner kha. The Ark Bar Beach Resort has a very energetic atmosphere that attracts a young crowd, their beach bar is the busiest on Chaweng beach.