Chembur is one of the largest suburbs in eastern Mumbai, India. The name Chembur is likely derived from the word Chimboree, which means “Large Crab” in Marathi. Before reclamation, Chembur lay on the north-western corner of Trombay Island. Dating clubs in navi mumbai Bombay Presidency Golf Club was established in 1827, and was later re-built to meet international standards.

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No major activity occurred until the Kurla-Chembur single railway line was built in 1906 for garbage trains. The line was opened to passenger traffic in 1924. After independence, Chembur was one of the sites where refugee camps were set up to settle refugees after partition. The industrialisation of Trombay during and after World War II led to the demand for housing and the growth of Chembur thereafter. 1955 through to 1958 transformed the area completely by shifting it from an industrial area to a residential one. Chembur lies in the Mumbai South Central parliamentary constituency. It used to lie in Mumbai North-East Parliamentary constituency, prior to delimitation in 2008, where it was moved to Mumbai South Central parliamentary Constituency.

The Sitting Member of the Legislative Assembly of Chembur is Mr. Prakash Vaikunth Phaterpekar of the Shiv Sena. Chembur is the seat of the M Ward Offices. The M Ward ranges from Thane Creek in the East to Tansa Pipe Line No. 2 in the West, from Somaiyya Nalla in the North to Mahul Creek in the South.

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