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Government did a census, in 2012, 6. 9 percent of the adult American population had had at least one major depressive episode in the past year. As a person who was diagnosed with clinical depression and will celebrate her second wedding anniversary this year, I’m here to tell you that you can do it. Romantic, happy, sexually fulfilling relationships with depressive people are entirely possible. If you’re struggling, here are 13 tips to make it a bit easier. If you haven’t experienced depression before, and a new cool person you’re dating reveals that they’re suffering from it, I understand the instinct to run a mile. This isn’t “drama” or “damage” or “baggage”: it’s a person opening up to you about an illness.

If you’re unfamiliar with depression, educating yourself is the next big step. Knowing the facts about depression will dispel any myths you’ve picked up, and prep you to understand that, while it is a big deal, it won’t stand in the way of you having a fun relationship full of adventure and smooches. Encourage them to seek help, and support them while they do. Depression needs treatment, but seeking treatment can be especially difficult for depressed people. One of the best things you can do as a partner is to encourage every step they take towards getting help, whether it’s through therapy, prescribed drugs, support groups, whatever.

And keep them motivated when it gets hard, which it will. It can be tough to do it diplomatically — particularly if they’re resistant — but make it clear that you’re a team, rather than bossing them around. It’s hard to believe, but serious clinical depression has nothing to do with you. A partner having a depressive episode isn’t trying to insult you or make you feel lonely, and it’s not fair for you to feel like a failure for not “snapping them out” of it.

Try to think of it as medically as possible. Monitor their self-care, but don’t mother them. Self-care is up there with getting help as the most important aspect of depression in daily life. Partners often have to take on a bit of an awareness role. It’s pretty basic: make sure your partner’s awake, out of bed, eating healthily and on time, getting out of the house, and so on. It sounds like you have to be their mother — but you don’t. Other people will hopefully be monitoring it too, and you don’t have to nag or be neglecting your own needs to make it work.