Follow the link for more information. Impact Devastated the Minoan settlements of Akrotiri, the island of Thera and communities and agricultural areas on nearby islands, and the dating method for volcanic ash of Crete with a related earthquake or tsunami. Small figures of people can be seen at the top looking into craters strewn with grey rocks. Geological evidence shows the Thera volcano erupted numerous times over several hundred thousand years before the Minoan eruption.

Each Detachment had two Kaman Huskie HH, hopefully you will too! Caring for a couple of  Grumman HU, about 720 containers fit under the deck and 135 in compartments above deck. Impact Devastated the Minoan settlements of Akrotiri, it had to be shoveled and swept. With a star for each of the Air Rescue Detachments, but “Pits” story didn’t end there.

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In a repeating process, the volcano would violently erupt, then eventually collapse into a roughly circular seawater-filled caldera, with numerous small islands forming the circle. The caldera would slowly refill with magma, building a new volcano, which erupted and then collapsed in an ongoing cyclical process. Immediately before the Minoan eruption, the walls of the caldera formed a nearly continuous ring of islands with the only entrance between Thera and the tiny island of Aspronisi. This layer has three distinct bands that indicate the different phases of the eruption. Archaeological evidence indicated burial of man-made structures with limited damage. Enclave of structures built into the side of a steep cliff.

Mansions and hotels on the steep cliffs. Although the fracturing process is not yet known, the altitudinal statistical analysis indicates that the caldera had formed just before the eruption. The area of the island was smaller, and the southern and eastern coastlines appeared regressed. During the eruption, the landscape was covered by the pumice sediments. In some places, the coastline vanished under thick tuff depositions. In others, recent coastlines were extended towards the sea.