Please dating old man site this error screen to star. Jump to navigation Jump to search “Cro-Magnon” redirects here. For the site of the first discovered Cro-Magnons, see Cro-Magnon rock shelter. Upper Paleolithic in Europe refers to the early presence of anatomically modern humans in Europe.

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The term EEMH is equivalent to Cro-Magnon Man, or Cro-Magnons, a term derived from the Cro-Magnon rock shelter in southwestern France, where the first EEMH were found in 1868. Homo sapiens fossilis as the systematic name for “Cro-Magnon Man”. These mesolithic hunter-gatherers emerge after the end of the LGM ca. 15 ka and are described as more gracile than the Upper Paleolithic Cro-Magnons. Map of the distribution of the main pre-LGM Aurignacian sites.

Map of Magdalenian sites at the transition between the Upper Paleolithic and the Mesolithic. West Asia since before 250 ka, modern non-Africans mainly descend from the main successful out of Africa expansion at around 65 ka. AMH are estimated to have interbred with Neanderthals during about 65 to 47 ka, most likely in West Asia. There are two main hypothesis as to the route taken by the earliest AMH entering Europe, following the Danubian corridor or the Mediterranean coast along the Balkans. Support for either hypothesis relies on accurate dating of the earliest known fossils in the region.