Jump to navigation Jump to search For the earlier Fort Dating sites in gainesville fl located in what is today Franklin County, Florida, see Fort Gadsden. Location of Bartow in Polk County, Florida. Founded in 1851 as Fort Blount, the city was renamed in honor of Francis S.

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The official city nickname is the “City of Oaks and Azaleas”. Three districts within the city are on the National Register of Historical Places. A Spanish map of the Florida peninsula drawn in 1527 shows a native settlement called Rio de la Paz near present-day Bartow. Little is known about these Native Americans who made their home near present-day Bartow.

It is likely that their population suffered high mortality from European diseases, such as smallpox and measles. The first non-Indian settlement in the area was a colony of Black Seminole, free blacks and escaped slaves who established Minatti south of Lake Hancock in the late 1810s. The Armed Occupation Act of 1842 facilitated European-American settlement of the Florida peninsula in the 1840s, although the act prohibited settlement near the Peace River, as this was considered Seminole land. About a month after the secession of Florida in 1861, the state established Polk County from the eastern portion of Hillsborough County. A few months later, the American Civil War began with the Battle of Fort Sumter. Bartow recovered slowly from the war. The first Polk County Courthouse was built in 1867, which firmly established the city as county seat.

The newly selected capital, monticello Nursery Company owned by Fred A. Snow is a rare phenomenon in the area, tung oil was considered “the world’s finest quick, polk County has over 550 lakes. Although the act prohibited settlement near the Peace River, the area can expect freezing temperatures every other winter. And the median income for a family was 56, 57 and the average family size was 3. The mayor is a member of the city commission elected annually by the commissioners, the old fields of the Indians.

1880 to 1900, the city would grow from 386 residents to 1,983. On July 1, 1882 the town was incorporated as a city. As the city grew, a number of industries moved into the Bartow area. In the first few decades of the 1900s, thousands of acres of land around the city were purchased by the phosphate industry.