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Letting Go Of Anger, Releasing Negative Energy, and Overcoming Anxiety seems like a long title for this post. I usually don’t share things like this so publicly but I know this struggle very well and want to share some resources and tools that have helped me. I’m looking forward to reading your comments, too. If you have any tips, tools, and resource that you would like to share leave them in the comments as well. Sometimes letting go happens in stages. Sometimes it means becoming more aware. Sometimes it involves going deeply into the feelings hidden underneath our behavior.

Learning to let go may involve gaining more confidence and self-esteem. Sometimes it means simply practicing gratitude for the way things are. Be gentle with yourself and others as you learn to practice the language of letting go. Sometimes, no matter how much we know, letting go takes time. I experienced a lot of personal trauma within that 12 month period. Maybe one day we can get into it. The main thing was the realization that I was in a toxic co-dependent relationship.