Filipina women to sign up to. Filipina’, the female version of Filipino. The overall quality of dating tips for gamers on Pinalove is pretty decent, you will find a lot more Filipina girls than some of the other sites that are a bit dead.

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dating tips for gamers

I meet hotter Pinays out and about at malls but still have done well online on Pinalove over the years. Many Pictures One of the best things about Pinalove is that they allow users to upload as many pictures as they would like so you get to see the full package. Other sites like Date In Asia only allow one pic so dating site girls may select only their most flattering shot. On Pinalove they’ll have so many pics up that you can be sure of who you are meeting. This will lower your chances of getting tricked by a ladyboy, scammer, or not so sexy Filipina.

Scammers Like all the top sites Pinalove does a great job of getting rid of the fake accounts and scammers that pop up from time to time on Filipino dating sites. Even though it only takes a little common sense to not get tricked it is still nice to not have to deal with the waste of time. If you meet a girl on a dating site and she is either asking for money, trying to scam you, or you can tell it’s a fake account you can contact their security. Pinalove dating site support do a good job here, for me they’ve investigated and got rid of problem accounts. My Favorite Pinalove Experience Last year I met a girl named Almie on the site. She was 19 years old and lived about an hour away from the city. She had never met a foreigner before and was very curious about expats.

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