If you’ve ever seen those social experiment videos with the dudes who approach women and ask them out, only to be spurned, then show up later in a lambo and have her drop draws on the spot, then the term “gold digger” dating vs going out vs hanging out comes to mind. Not if we’re going to judge women superficially on a single factor. One in which in fact is hard wired into them, whether you like it or not.

Women find men more sexable if they represent security, and excluding douchebags dating vs going out vs hanging out as Dan Bilzarian. More often than not, dating vs going out vs hanging out food he killed and brought home was the representation of his ability to provide and create an environment that was conducive to mate in. You understand what capable means, she leaves the room and he turns on Sportscenter. I’m really picky – a good man?

It’s a trait that women will seek out in a man, more often than not, because physiologically women are wired to seek providers. I don’t want to paint this as something as simple as a caveman era DNA issue, where women subconsciously seek out a man simply based on whether or not he can provide a lambo, because providing is more intricately layered than that. Genetically and environmentally, we tend to gravitate towards specific people to “mate with”. 7 hip to waist ratio constantly scores highest on the men’s scale of dimes.

Women certainly understand the value, pun intended, in a dude driving a lambo compared to a dude driving a 1979 Gremlin. The car is merely a representation of security. Not from an all encompassing standpoint, but it does serve as a representation of it. Especially for women who might not be as financially capable as they would like to be. Not that slamming pancakes and ham at the Waffle House can’t be a good time.