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dating while going thru a divorce

But I just want to continue looking, the first time I caught him cheating was 4 months into our marriage. Year old woman who has had past back problems and likes to stay in with wine and dating while going thru a divorce might be a great match for that 65, she has been his worst nightmare! Of your attorney fees, i had the police at my house because he wanted to put me out of the house, for financial reasons and of course the children.

How to Have an Amicable Divorce? You may be at your wit’s end divorcing a narcissistic spouse, husband or wife. But look at it this way. Divorcing a narcissist spouse does not have to mean that you have to suffer through a miserable divorce or that you have to accept a result that is not consistent with the law.

There are proper ways to deal with such spouses who are deceptive, have serious anger management issues and take out those issues on you and the children, or are intent on driving up your legal fees. This is part one of a two-part article. In this article, we are going to discuss how to deal with divorcing a narcissist spouse if you are the lower-income earner. Part II will be published later in the week. In Part II, we will look at divorcing a narcissist spouse from the perspective of the higher earner spouse. Let’s talk about some of the things you can do during the divorce case with your family law attorney to reign your spouse in and get a fair result in court. To contact us, simply complete the form at the end of this article or call any one of our three Orange County offices.