Jump to navigation Jump to search Trout tickling is the art of rubbing the underbelly of a trout with fingers. Trout tickling has been practiced for many centuries. Close, in go fish dating agency name of jesting!

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The technique was a common practice used by boys, poachers and working men in times of economic stress, particularly during the 1930s depression-era. The fish are watched working their way up the shallows and rapids. When they come to the shelter of a ledge or a rock it is their nature to slide under it and rest. In Scotland the technique is more often called “guddling” or sometimes “ginniling”. The practice is currently illegal under most circumstances in Britain. Trout tickling has an ancient history.

The grappling fingers of the swain invade. Recant his error in aerial day. Aelian, a Greek writer of about 230 A. If men wade into the sea, when the water is low, end stroking the fish nestling in the pools, suddenly lay hands upon and secure them. Trout tickling is also mentioned in later works: Mark Twain wrote about catching catfish in a similar manner while mentioning that salmon and certain other species can also be lured and caught in this way. Olivia, Jim Bob, and Elizabeth set out to visit a friend but become lost on Walton’s Mountain, and while lost Jim Bob catches fish using this method which he had learned from Grandpa.