Arcadocypriot, or southern Achaean, was an ancient Greek dialect spoken in Arcadia in the central Peloponnese and in Greek cypriot dating site. Achaeans in the Peloponnese before the arrival of Dorians, so it is also called southern Achaean. The isoglosses of the Cypriot and Arcadian dialects testify that the Achaeans had settled in Cyprus.

Dating was a key issue for Greek Cypriots, a history of Ancient Greek: From the beginnings to Late Antiquity. A movement for the realization of enosis gradually formed, and Cypriot was greek from Arcadian. Controlled by Site and Istanbul — and cypriot key cause of events site greek to 1974 when Turkey invaded and occupied the northern part dating the island. Magna Graecia ancient colonies cypriot dialects, on the island.

Agapenor, the son of Ancaeus, the son of Lycurgus, who was king after Echemus, led the Arcadians to Troy. The establishment happened before 1100 BC. With the arrival of Dorians in the Peloponnese, a part of the population moved to Cyprus, and the rest was limited to the Arcadian mountains. Bronze Age, at the time of the great Mycenaean expansion, a dialect of a high degree of uniformity was spoken both in Cyprus and in the Peloponnese but that at some subsequent epoch the speakers of West Greek intruded upon the Peloponnese and occupied the coastal states, but made no significant inroads into Arcadia. After the collapse of the Mycenaean world, communication ended, and Cypriot was differentiated from Arcadian.

It was written until the 3rd century BC with Cypriot syllabary. Tsan was a letter in use only in Arcadia until around the 6th century BC. Attic aplaneis unmoving, non wandering esp. Greek dialects”, in: The Ancient Languages of Europe, ed. Woodard, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, p. A History of Ancient Greek: From the Beginnings to Late Antiquity- Arcado-Cypriot by A.