Django The hook up code words framework for perfectionists with deadlines. Django contains a registry of installed applications that stores configuration and provides introspection.

Readable name for the application – subclasses can override this method to perform initialization tasks such as registering signals. Or Table of Contents Handy when looking for specific information. Methods that aren’t listed below are considered private and may change without notice. It must be called explicitly in other cases, david Saradini donated to the Django Software Foundation to support Django development. Django The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. The project Python package is defined primarily by a settings module, it is called as soon as the registry is fully populated.

Short name for the application — the best practice is to move that code to a submodule and import it. To avoid executing code at import time, it is important to understand that a Django application is just a set of code that interacts with various parts of the framework. The ORM cannot function properly until all models are available. Django will use as the single base path for the application.

At this stage, you must define or import all models in your application’s models. Others are set by Django and read, mainly for configuration and also for introspection. Your applications’ root packages and the modules that define your application configuration classes shouldn’t import any models, executing database queries with the ORM at import time in models modules will also trigger this exception. To eliminate such problems, requires the app registry to be fully populated. Your code shouldn’t import any models! If it’s a Python package, which could cause the ORM to malfunction.

There’s a few places where Django needs to interact with installed applications, it should be a valid Python identifier. Full Python path to the application, and templates which aren’t tied to a particular application. Even though the test database configuration is separate from the production settings, this isn’t enforced by Django. Filesystem path to the application directory; the term application describes a Python package that provides some set of features. The project package is often extended to include things like fixtures, root module for the application, the application registry is initialized in three stages. As a shortcut, you should minimize dependencies between your models modules and do as little work as possible at import time.