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Help on using footnotes is available. The album was mainly written and recorded in the girls’ home in Los Angeles with German songwriter Toby Gad. Jessica Origliasso states “It was really great. Toby works on a simplified set-up on his Mac computer. It takes all the pressure out of being in a recording studio.

We were able to take our time and get it right and not stress about time ticking. In the song “Take Me on the Floor”, the girls state that they “want to kiss a girl”. Lisa states “Yeah, there’s a sexual undertone to that song, but when we were writing it we were thinking about having fun, going to a club, being on the dancefloor. You can interpret it how you like. It would have been so easy to have made a record just like the first, with unison voices on the verse and chorus. Not degrading it, we loved it, but at some point you have to grow as an artist or you get stuck.