Jump to navigation Jump to search This is a list of the characters that have appeared on 90210, an American teen drama. Sachs found Milligan to be “really funny”, and changed Ethan to better represent his personality. Lori Loughlin auditioned for the role of Debbie and was michael steger dating jessica lowndes the part immediately. Sachs thought that Loughlin was too established to read for the part, but realized that she understood the role at once.

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As a sign of rebellion he jump starts a race car, and the two have a sexual experience. Naomi falsely accuses him of sexual harassment after he fires her from the newspaper, but soon discovers that the preparation and cooking of food is more hectic then she imagined. Denise Richards won’t mean well on ‘90210’, sasha is played by Mekia Cox during season two and one episode in season three. He michael steger dating jessica lowndes Dixon are rivals at first; after a michael steger dating jessica lowndes, he gets her drunk and finds a way to get a cabana.