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More than 250 contributors from leading media scholars around the world. In August 1970 a lost grandmother and four young children had been wandering in the desert outside Phoenix for four days, and the massive effort to rescue them was stalled. Gibbs said he had gotten the family car stuck in a sand wash. He had used all their drinking water to cool the engine in the hopes of getting it started.

Then he walked off to get help, leaving his wife Ann and four little grandkids—Darlene, Scotty, Linda, and Michelle—without water. Friday morning was soon to dawn. After Gibbs explained all he could, he broke down, so distraught that the authorities kept him under sedation. The police had been searching in their cruisers and four-wheel drive vehicles, and they kept a roving eye on the local dam road in case the grandmother and the kids headed toward it. Others were searching the desert itself on foot, but it was frustrating.

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