Part of the original cast, Cynthia has an affair with Dr. Phil Brewer, causing marital problems natalie hall and brandon barash dating him and his wife Jessie Brewer.

When Phil goes back to Jessie, Cynthia marries Dr. Nurse at General Hospital who is married to a convict. Becomes close with Lee Baldwin while Meg Baldwin is in a sanitarium. Framed for beating up local strippers by Ronnie Dimestico, a police detective. Sues the Weeks family after Eddie Weeks is driving the car during an accident with Angie.

Opportunist from Llanview who becomes Jagger Cates’s boxing promoter. Blackmails many citizens of Llanview and Port Charles. Mother of Bill and Jenny Eckert. Grandmother of Sly Eckert and Paul Hornsby Jr.