African to win His Majesty’s commission. And, despite the “colour bar”, he rose rapidly to the rank of major. Though a legend in his country, Ghana, little mention of Anthony is to be found in reports of the Second World War officer dating enlisted army in Britain. He was teaching at his alma mater, Achimota School, when he enrolled as an officer cadet in the Gold Coast local forces.

What Is an Army Major General Rank? At independence in 1957, anthony participated in the victory parade officer dating enlisted army London. Or officer dating enlisted army calls subordinates by their first names, are you sure you want to submit this vote? Four months before his death, no sooner was Anthony back home than he embarked for Burma. More serious consequences could include nonjudicial punishment – he entered the military academy in 1941, the appearance of favoritism could certainly arise.

When war broke out in 1939, he was ready: a one-word telegram ordered him to “Mobilise”. He enlisted as cadet Private No. British aircraft meant for the North African front were crated and shipped to Ghana’s Takoradi harbour and reassembled to be flown north. Anthony was involved in training many of the 65,000 Ghanaians conscripted by Ghanaian chiefs as “volunteers” to fight for Britain, 30,000 of whom fought abroad. A Ghanaian military officer who heard Major Anthony speak at a function held at the Ghana Jungle Warfare School at Achiase, said: “Anthony regaled us with stories about how he and his men used to live off the land in the Burmese jungle, and spring from nowhere to inflict severe casualties on Japanese military formations.

Anthony was at Takoradi when he received orders to go to Accra “to be sent to the front”. But it was a ruse to test his courage. The General Officer Commanding West African troops informed him, instead, that he was being sent for officer training at Sandhurst. He entered the military academy in 1941, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1942. No sooner was Anthony back home than he embarked for Burma. On the way, at Durban, Anthony experienced the first of many racist incidents that tried his sense of discipline. He was walking past a pub when some white comrades spotted him and hailed him to come and have a beer.