Dolphins’ Head of Operations Roger Podacter Was Murdered by Transgendered Miami Police Lieutenant Lois Einhorn, Who Was Actually Ex-Dolphins Kicker Roman dating all endings Finkle. Ace Ventura was hired by the Dolphins’ owner Mr. He surmised: “I find the ring with the missing stone, I find Snowflake.

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Ventura checked out the rings from all the Miami players from 1984 and found no missing stones. The one 1984 Miami player whose ring wasn’t checked was ex-Dolphin mid-season replacement kicker Ray Finkle. He had lost the 1984 Super Bowl game for the Dolphins by one point, when he missed a game-winning field goal attempt at only 26 yards away – it ruined his career forever. Finkle’s contract was not renewed and the kick was dubbed “The Kick Heard ‘Round the World.

Ventura surmised: “Poor guy with a motive, baby. Ventura visited Finkle’s hometown in Collier County, where he spoke to Ray’s crazed mother and father. Finkle had blamed the team’s loss on the Dolphin’s quarterback Dan Marino, claiming Marino had held the ball “laces in” instead of out, as he was supposed to. Finkle had become insanely obsessed with Marino while planning his revenge.

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