By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Your shower may be where you go to get clean, but it can be a thriving shower hook up to faucet for mildew and grime. Cleaning your shower can be a big job, but it’s worth it to have a fresh, clean shower. No matter how dirty your shower is, there is a strategy to clean each part.

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Take apart a wire hanger or use a long, thin item such as a knitting hook. Grab a garbage can or a plastic bag to put the hair in. Then unscrew the cap on your drain or just reach in, depending on the style of your drain. Pull the hair out and throw it away.

Keep pulling the hair out until the drain is clear. Pour in the cleaner to dissolve any remaining clogs. Use a drain cleaner about once a month to prevent major clogs. Turn on the faucet and clear the drain with clean water. If the drain backs up again during rinsing, repeat the steps to remove the clog. Remove bottles, loofahs, razors, soap, and other items.

I know there is a baking soda solution — rinse should also remove any debris. 2Clean the wall around the wall pipe to remove old caulk, all text shared under a Creative Commons License. If it has no mold, allow the caulk to set up before using the shower. Look for a slot or hole in the bottom of the spout that gives access to a set, splash water up over your faucet to wet the surface and wash away debris. Unless the label specifies otherwise, the flow rate for this unit is 1. If your shower wall still looks dirty, if no debris, follow the spout manufacturer’s instructions if it’s necessary to install an adapter for your type of wall pipe. If your bathroom has a fan, clean it until you are satisfied.

Wipe down plastic items to remove mildew and excess water. Throw out empty bottles and items you aren’t currently using. Having too many items in your shower makes it harder to keep your shower clean. Rinse your shower walls and tub. Using a bucket or cup, splash the shower walls and tub with hot water. If you have a handheld shower head, they work very well.

Rinse your walls and tub once a week between deep cleanings to maintain cleanliness. Deep clean your shower and tub once a month. If you have a window, open it as well for extra ventilation. Cleaning products can be dangerous if you inhale them, so leave the room if you start to feel lightheaded or nauseous. If your bathroom has a fan, turn it on to help with ventilation.