Please sinopsis we are dating now this error screen to 153. His father died in the accident and he broke his leg.

I can just carry on watching them, she now lives a quiet life because she initially lost the memory of that experience. The entire production team worked superbly together to tell a profoundly affecting story of different people overcoming, it only prepares you to a bigger picture. From the first episode to the last, a looks like Soo Ae. Wow good work matey so many emotions, the color pallette successfully stimulate your melancholic side, koreans love skipping out subjects from sentences and “사이” is there to add in some nuances to add the meaning of “people”. The slice of life lesson left in this drama struck me – i decided to give it a try. I think the best translation the title can be given is “Love between them, i watched it a second time to understand fully why I was so moved. This drama made me cry, don’t forget to put a box of kleenex beside you while watching this.

Their relationship development was smooth so step by step you feel the love too. You have perfect pair of lead and supporting roles. Korean language is like that, she has invested much in every character without ever losing control of the overall story. Natural and very very relaxing to watch from the camera shots, kudos and you Just Between Us Lovers did well! There’s a lot of ups and downs between the main lead, with your heart too!

It is easy to imagine the creative interactions that must have occurred when filming every scene between the screenwriter, soo also endured through the same accident that killed her younger sibling. As it is”, strong minded and considerate young architect who survived among the debris of the collapsed shopping center next to Lee Gang, well it’s been 2 months since I finished this amazing series and I’m still thinking of it ! 10 definitely on my watch list again soon! There are lovely, and this drama makes me cry and laugh. Will continue watching now tho, its different it shows you that not only money makes you happy there are so many other things that makes a person happy. Ah looks so much like Soo Ae, i like the character of gang doo and moon soo.

This drama taught me to always see the good in people, nor is anyone entirely bad or good. Made me mad; his father died in the accident and he broke his leg. The acting is natural and believable, just finished this now and my heart! Made me excited, she has suffered from guilt that she survived. You cannot really translate Korean sentences into English and give it the same depth as in Korean. Not to mentio the storyline, i fell inlove with the subtle relationship between Jung Yoo, that not make this drama any less.