Please forward this error screen to 69. Two tugs that have been renamed this year were in the speed dating halifax ns of Ile-aux-Coudres this morning. First was the downbound Dover Spirit on its way from the Lakes to Sydney, NS. Built in 1998 by Dovercraft Marine of Nanticoke, ON its first name was Kaliutik for owners the Labrador Inuit Devlopment Corp.

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Océan Comeau is on the slip at Industrie Océan for hull work. Ownership of the former Pointe Comeau was taken over by Groupe Ocean from Cargill as part of the deal to provide tug service at Baie Comeau. Eastern Canada Towing had managed the tug on behalf of Cargill, and under the new contract Cargill acquired the Anse du Moulin the former Svitzer Comeau. The large skeg under the tug’s stern is an essential part of its design.

It also helps to support the tug in drydocking. Océan Comeau is now regularly stationed in Sorel, QC, and was re-registered in Quebec City August 17. There are also large docking plates fitted forward to protect the Voith Schneider blades, and support the hull in drydocking. At an early hour August 9 , while at anchor, the barge’s anchor cable parted and the the barge drifted aground.

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