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what does it mean when someone says your dating

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Equally yoked is a biblical phrase referred to in the Christian community that is oftentimes used to justify a decision made about a relationship or marriage. I have heard people say that they were not equally yoked with someone because of a different upbringing, decision making process, beliefs, finances, education, location and even appearance. That stuff has nothing to do with being equally yoked! If two people go to church together that does not mean that they are equally yoked.

If two people don’t go to church together that does not mean that they are unequally yoked. If one person goes to one church and the other person goes to another church, can they still be equally yoked? If one person goes to church and the other person does not go to church can they still be equally yoked? Both people have to be Christians. Being equally yoked initially doesn’t have anything to do with your love for another person or your relationship or marriage to another person. The first thing you have to do is be a believer in God’s word. Being equally yoked does not guarantee any sort of successfulness for your relationship or marriage.