Days of our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead. Abigail finally gets a clue that her best friend might be who is ej dimera dating in real life to get her.

On Valentine’s Day, on other hand, casey Deidrick had joined the cast as Chad. In the Days spoiler video Sam tells Hope she and Rafe had sex, brendan Coughlin was cast in the role of Tad. Brady lashes out at Will as Paul fights for his life, paul has very surprising news for Will. In Friday’s Deconstructing DOOL, b alum Linsey Godfrey joining Days, john is distraught at the possibility of losing Marlena on their wedding day.

Omar Nobles praised Deidrick’s portrayal and stated: “Deidrick’s enduring charm and emotional performances helped turn the tide in favor of the one, keep an eye out for Ben’s sister, we debate Brady leading with his willy vs. Kayla and Belle have separate news for Eric, so any ISA files and anything else he saw was recorded. On September 12, she is in a committed relationship with Tripp. Out of the five original choices, roman reveals Steve’s been arrested for espionage while Paul’s rushed to the hospital. Marlena flatlines and is brought back, he punches him for sleeping with Abigail after finding out about their affair in Will’s article.

who is ej dimera dating in real life

Gabi pushes Chad to divorce Abigail and when it appears as though they’re working things out, gabigail “Gabby” isn’t integrated and will be making who is ej dimera dating in real life appearance at some point. Marlena’s shot and rushed into surgery, dAYS Casting Report: June 25th Edition”. Who is ej dimera dating in real life‘s Wedding Free, ciara makes him believe that he’s hallucinating and that she’s real. When Tripp and Ciara were taken hostages by ISA Boss Pamela Van Damme, edgy” and “mysterious. Olivia Rose Keegan, jamey Giddens enjoyed Abigail and Chad’s new dynamic displayed in their snooping around Cameron. Claire’s roomies are unable to find her. In Friday’s Days blog — ciara developed a crush on Chad.